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Following on from the success of ‘N3W MIND’ reaching No.2 on the UK Christian Music Charts earlier on in 2022, the blue-haired Singer/Dancer JUM3E (pronounced Juh-mee) returns with a new mid-tempo ambient groove called ‘FALS3TTO (Part 2)’ which follows on from ‘Falsetto (Part 1)’ released in 2019.

The blue-haired singer demonstrates his creative innovation by dishing something really different this time. Produced by C’ Mar The Producer, an esteemed Chicago-based music architect, JUM3E soulfully glides over this Trap-flavored groove with elegance, confidence and unashamed authenticity through his writing and vocal performance. His fresh and original approach to R&B sees him drawing influence and inspiration from the growing sub-genre Slowed and Reverb, and, in true JUM3E fashion he addresses another subject not commonly found in most R&B tracks, mindset and focus.

The Colossians 3:2 inspired song is about keeping your mind on heavenly things above, not on earthly things and drawing strength from above. FALS3TTO strikes a balance between making you want to stand in the shower to reflect as the warm droplets hit your back, and at the same time making you want to move and bust a Janet Jackson routine.

JUM3E cites this song as being an important mark of his first step in his progressive victory over depression, “I made this song to remind myself to keep my mind focused.”

JUM3E is in his fourth year of ‘depression-free’ living and following on from a string of tumultuous events occurring in 2022, including his mother almost passing away, he found himself trying to cope. “It’s crazy because you can be a Believer and still struggle with this, it’s actually not uncommon, but it is something not talked about” reflects JUM3E, “…But it should be. Secrecy, shame and judgment augment this problem, and keep so many people bound. Depression affects us on so all levels: spiritually, physically, emotionally, mentally and psychologically.”

JUM3E describes himself as a 'Suicide Survivor' after two failed attempts at taking his own life before. “I had no mechanism for processing pain, temporary defeat or failure. I saw failure as such a negative thing, but it is actually a component of success. It's like everything would go wrong all at once, it was never one thing at a time, that's what would break me... But I had to realise that God still has my back even everything is going wrong at the same time, and that character is nurtured amongst chaos."

JUM3E shares more about his journey to living a depression-free life in his upcoming mini-documentary called 'MOR3 STORIES: FALS3TTO' where he gives us all a deeper look behind the music, the meaning and the movement of FALS3TTO and sharing some interesting behind-the-scenes footage of the music and music video process.

JUM3E now serves at his regular church called Transformation House St. Albans with his spiritual and musical mentor Aaron T Aaron, award-winning Gospel Artist and Life Coach. He has no intentions of disappointing his ever-growing global fanbase (rising daily especially in Turkey, USA, UK, Belarus and Germany) and is going to make sure his music continues to make waves throughout the global Christian R&B and secular music scene so people can draw closer to Christ and to a higher level of self.

Watch this space... (With both eyes peeled and a packet of popcorn!)

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